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Job burnout.. Next please?

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I have been an RN for about 6 years now here in arizona. In that time I've tried all sorts of different areas anywhere from adult med-surg/tele, peds, SNF, home health, rehab. Starting off as a nurse I was very ambitious. My cousin who was a CRNA was my idol so I did my research to see which schools had the program and what were the requirements. I saw I needed critical care experience which is how I got into the PICU/NICU but that didn't last long. About a year into it I was done. I have never been so burnt out in my life I just had to quit. Currently I work in an adult Med-surg/tele unit for a couple years now but I am starting to feel that I am done with bedside. I have no interest in going forward with other clinical specialties. I feel the need to step away from that but the problem is I don't know what I want to do. I know most people go forward in school for grad studies to become an NP, Nurse educator but those just don't interest me. I want to know what else is out there that has good pay as well. Anyone who is in an area that's not bedside and actually enjoys the work? lol

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