Job advice - Relocating to Tampa/Clearwater

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I am relocating to the Tampa/Clearwater area in the next year and am curious to know what the job market is like and what experience needed for jobs in the baycare health system. I have been working as an RN (ASN working toward BSN) for a year in a sub-acute pediatric facility and have vent/trach experience. I would ideally like to work in pediatrics in a NICU or ICU since that is where my experience is, but would be happy working med surg/tele. I currently live in an area where the job market for nurses is very competitive, so I'm wondering how Tampa/Clearwater/St Pete's compare? Are jobs difficult to find these days for nurses with 1yr experience?

Thank you in advance for any advice you have!

Well I am a new grad RN here in Tampa, but I can tell you that if you have 1 year experience you shouldn't have a problem finding a job. There are TONs of job openings at every local hospital, but all of them want at least 1 year experience. If you have that, I think you should be able to get a job without a problem. As for whether or not it's in the area you want, i'm not so sure about that. As a new nurse I am finding it difficult to get that first job, but I believe once I do that I will be set. Baycare is opening St. Joes South in Riverview (South of Tampa) next year and it seems like all the local hospitals are growing very quickly. New ICUs and units opening all the time.

Thank you very much for your reply - it's good to hear that so many of the hospitals have job openings. I have heard from an RN friend in the area that Baycare is great to work for as well as All Children's in St Pete... I'll be looking into both! The area I live now can be very competitive and nurses are pretty much required to have a BSN and 2yrs acute care experience to get a hospital job. It can be exhausting!

Keep positive about the job search. I was a new grad last may in a area where there really are no jobs for new grads, but I was fortunate enough to find one and I LOVE my job... everyone in my graduating class did within 6months it seemed. Best of luck to you!