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Job Advice For Senior Nursing Students!

Specializes in CVICU, CCU, Heart Transplant. Has 5 years experience.

The job market is rough out there for an inexperience new grad! I wanted to pass on the importance of thinking about your resume and how you are going to make yourself stand out when it's time to start applying for jobs. Many new grads are still waiting for their first job many many MANY months after graduating. Just check out some of the threads in the "First Year After Nursing License" area at https://allnurses.com/first-year-after/

The nurse recruiters really like to see that you have worked as a tech/CNA. I think it really made a difference. Even if you can work part time or for a short time. Also, the hospitals seem to hire from within so the techs are the first to get job offers. It is so important.

For me, I started studying for my ACLS certification a year before I graduated, which made me stand out quite a bit! I ended up getting my first job/GN internship in an Intermediate Med-Surg ICU, and I know it's because I already had ACLS.

Also, if you already have your nursing license you have a better chance of getting hired, so if you don't get a job while you are waiting to take the NCLEX don't fret. When I interviewed they told me it is because I am licensed that I am a good candidate for the position.

Also, when you do start applying for jobs, be persistent. Keep nagging the Recruiters--go in and check on the status of your resume often. Let them know that you are serious about working at their hospital.



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