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Jeff State Winter 2011 hopefuls


Thread for the Winter newbs/ hopefuls/ applicants.

Deadline is 10/22 for applying. You need to have taken the TEAS 150 and Compass or ACT test by then

So I didnt make the cut for the Fall 2010 entrance and I am trying for the Winter course.

I will only have 1 pre- req after this semester which is micro- B.

I got a 135 on the Teas / 99 on the Compass.. Gpa is a 2.5 because of a D I got in a class last semester that I am re taking.

So I turn in my application this week.. wish me luck..

Good luck!!! Your test scores are awesome!

How many total points do you have? I have 280, I'm not so sure I made the cut. I really want to take the TEAS test again. How did you prepare for it?

the points thing.. see I dont get how the Teas is playing into that.. I have heard so many different stories.. Its all so confusing.. one person says points system (the old one) but no one can tell me how the TEAS test plays into it and another person said its all changing and its the score of your TEAS + the score of your Compass test..

I have no idea.. Seems everyone has been told something different by a different nursing advisor..

As I understand it, this is the first semester Jeff State is using the TEAS test. Here is the breakdown (I think)....

Minimum GPA to be considered: 2.5 based on the last 25 hours. If you have that, then they will calculate points.

Science classes: 90 points possible

Compass Test: 99 points possible

Math: 11 points possible

TEAS test: 150 points possible. (100%=150 points; 66%= 99 points, etc.)

Hope this helps.

Well.. I probably dont have that great of a chance on the points scale.

Once I finish Micro in the Winter semester.. I am going to head see about transfering the pre reqs to Virginia tech who dont have a waiting list. Cost more but it would seem their graduates have a greater chance of passing the nursing exam.. I think HERZING doesnt do the RN only program.. have to do the lpn then you can do the RN. Virginia Tech has the RN only program

When I called over there to Virginia tech... they said the director of the program had to ok my pre reqs but there is a very good chance I can get credit and not have to take the science, math, and english/ speech stuff over.

I want into the N/Wknd program at Jeff state because it is least expensive but I am willing to go elsewhere if needed.. I can get tuition reimbursement up to 5000 /yr from my employer.

The post above is correct about points. You can go to the website or ask an advisor and they can verify. It is the exact same point system as before...just add your teas points. There is even a chart on the website that will tell you how much your teas % (that you got the day you took the test) is equivalent to.

However, this is only for the Oct. 22 deadline. Those applying for Summer 2011 and on will not use the Compass test. So then you wouldn't be using those points for it.

Yay i got in! They called today! Hope to see you at orientation!

i got my call this afternoon also...i was really surprised i thought it was going to be a few more weeks! shelby campus

Oh man, I didn't get a call! I took most of my classes at Wallace State Community College and I made really good grades, but I applied to Jeff State for Fall '09 and did not get in! I was very bummed! I am hoping to get into the program this time! If I don't, I will keep trying! :)


Does anyone at the Shelby Campus know where we are meeting tomorrow? Schedule says HSB 307 but I vaguely remember something being mentioned about meeting in the general studies building again like we did for orientation. Thanks in advance!