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I'm sure this is already posted somewhere but I'm new to the forum and hope you guys can help me out.

I have a bachelors degree in biology and a masters in education. I've been considering going back to school for nursing for a few years and I'm finally starting the process. I'm looking most closely at the Part time RN program through Jeff State. I have all of the pre reqs done but I'm probably going to go ahead and take A&P I and II since I have bachelors classes (separate Anatomy and Physiology). I thought about UAB's BSN/MSN program but I wouldn't be able to work at all for a year and since I carry our insurance, that's pretty important.

Anyway, how are scores for nursing program admission calculated at Jeff State and what are the general minimum acceptance scores? I found the one for Lawson State but not Jeff State. Are their any tips / words of wisdom that I should listen to over the next year before I apply. I'm hoping to get everything squared away and take A&P I this summer.

Thanks for your help.


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The requirements for the part time program are generally a little higher than full time. The reason for this is because there's only one part time program at one campus that only admits once a year (in the fall). From what I have heard, the point requirement is usually about 190 for the part time. Of course this can change depending on who is applying that semester. You will need to take the TEAS test, which is just the nursing school entrance exam. They take your points from a variety of courses and only take you highest grades. Good luck!