JCCC Former LPN Grads Question


are there any former johnson county community college lpn grads that could share what the semester schedule is like for the first semester of the program? :) thank you!


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Well, I graduated from the full-time program in 2010. I would expect 8:00-3:45 most days outside of clinicals, which are 6:30-3:30pm two days a week. Fridays are a little shorter, usually 1 or 2:00pm end time.

On another note, the program is not great. Just try to get through the year. The faculty and program director (who desperately needs to be fired) use scare tactics and intimidation to facilitate learning. I was a good student and didn't get into any trouble. You just have to keep your head down and make note of all the inappropriateness to later include in your letter to Clarissa Craig (Jane's boss). You can't change it while you're in the program. I would fear Jane or the faculty seeking revenge. It was a disappointment compared to JCCC's caliber of other programs. However, It was a great basic nursing education and my clinical skills were superb (once I got over the fear of moving). I bridged into JCCC's RN program right after my LPN graduation and that program is exceptional. I wish I would have just applied to go straight into the RN program. I was ahead of the first-year RN classmates in clinical skills, when I joined the RN program, though.

It will make you a great LPN, but don't get beat down. Let all the madness roll right off your back, because you are better than the unprofessionalism. And please pass this along to your classmates. :nurse:

I mostly agree with the previous post. Although I'm not sure about the firing the director part. I think that the rules can be ridiculously rigid and you will hear about ten thousand times to refer any and all questions to your student handbook. Keeping your head down and rolling with the flow is the best way to get through. There are a few professors that make it tolerable and even enjoyable. Try to remember to stay positive and to keep complaints to yourself. Honestly though, if you can get into the RN program at JCCC or Neosho - do that instead.