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Specializes in ICU, ER, Hemodialysis. Has 5 years experience.

While in the Army, I read a book written by a nurse, Echo Heron. She wrote of her highs and lows in this wonderful nursing world. After reading this book and contemplating the end of my time in the service, I thought nursing sounded great. I went out of the Army, and instead of going right into college for nursing, I decided to go to medical assisting school to see if this is what I really wanted, without the expense and time of nursing school to find out that this is not for me. I only worked as a Medical Assistant for a very short time, had to get around NURSES! So, I got a job in a hospital as a CNA. I also worked in the hospital as a cardiac monitor tech and a unit clerk. Nursing was very interesting, but going to college for three years was not in the cards for me at the time. I had a son on the way!!!

Eventually, I went to school to become a mechanic. It was short, six months. I still did not feel complete. It did not work out for me, but college was still not in my cards. I went on to work as a courier, warehouse worker, salesman, shipping/receiving clerk, etc etc...never feeling my true potential was met. The thought of becoming a Nurse never left my mind. Feeling that time was running out and life was not getting any easier, I came home one day to tell my wife that I wanted to leave my current job that I had finally worked my way up to $10.25 at, that was a lot of money for us, and work as a CNA while going to nursing school. Did I mention that she is a stay at home mom (I am the sole income provider) and this time my wife was pregnant with our daughter??? Yes, she thought I was crazy, but with all the faith and love she has for me, agreed that I could follow through on my "brilliant" plan. Now there was no guarantee that I would get into nursing school on the first try and to not get in would have "ruined" us, but I had to try!! I went out and found a free cna training class which ended with a job offer of $6.50, yes times were hard. It had been 13 years since I graduated high school, so I went out and bought a grammar and algebra book because I had to take a "compass" test to see if I had to remediate. If I had to remediate then I would not be able to go into the next nursing class (they only started a new class once a year) and so I would have been delayed a whole year, not in my budget!! After studying hard, I took and did fine on the compass test, NO remediation!! I did great in all of my classes and when the time came I found out that I got into nursing school on the first try!!!

Things were begining to go my way for a change. While still a pre-nursing student, I found this great site. I loved every minute that I spent reading post. I never signed up until I received my acceptance letter from nursing school. "jb2u" was now a part of allnurses.com!!! Imagine my surprise the day that I received a PM from allnurses asking me if I would be interested in becoming a moderator. They wanted to have a CNA forum and wanted to know if I wanted to moderate it. Besides thinking that a CNA forum would be a great idea, I loved the idea of being a part of the staff here!! I quickly agreed before they changed their minds or realized that they meant to send the PM to "jC2u."

I am now an RN. I work in a Med/Surg ICU. With the exception of about a week inwhich my computer was down, I've been on allnurses everyday. My wife is happy that WE have finally made it. WE made it through a lot of hard times and tight budgets. I look forward to people asking me what I do for a living now. I LOVE nursing!!! I look back on my short life so far. I remember the hard times. I still remember, with tears in my eyes, my son sitting on the floor watching cartoons because we could not afford a couch and did not have anyone to rely on. I remember only having enough money to buy my son fruits and vegetables while my wife and I ate ramen noodles. I remember sleepless nights and fears of not making it out of nursing school. I was working, going to school, and helping moderate this site. And yet, here I am today. Life did not break me!! I will provide for my wife and kids. I have always provided love for my family, but now I can give more. Now, I am complete!!!

I hope everyone enjoys this site as much as I do. Also, I hope that when life seems like a dark bottomless pit, your wisdom will provide you light and your inner strength will give you the wings to soar out and above.

Thanks for reading,


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