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I am a fall 2018 applicant for the Valparaiso and Gary Ivy Tech campuses. I have an A's in psychology and english. I received a B in A&P 101 because it was transfer credit from Ball State. My TEAS score was a 84.7%. In total, I have 133.93/160 points. How likely is it that I will receive an ASN seat at either one of these campuses? My anxiety is through the roof with this waiting process, as I was previously denied admission at Ball State and am fearful of being denied again.

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Hey, sorry to hear your anxiety is up. Tell yourself you're getting in, and start focusing that energy on what you can do to prepare. ;)

If you search, there is a thread for Ivy Tech hopefuls for fall 2018. There is also one I started for fall 2017 -- you can read through those and see who got in at your campuses and with what scores. That would be a big help.

There is also apparently a Facebook group, but I don't know much about it since I'm not on fb.

Good luck!

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