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Ivy Tech TEAS


I just took the TEAS today and scored 90.0%. I have 3 A's and 1 B in my pre-reqs. I am hoping to get into the ASN program at Ivy Tech - Valparaiso for the Spring 2008. Do you guys think that the B that I got in Psychology will hurt my chances of getting in? I want to get into the nursing program there at Ivy Tech so bad because they are cheap and close to my home. PNC is my back up plan if I can pass chemistry.

Congrats on the 90%!!! As far as the B goes, I don't know. I just started at Ivy Tech for my pre req's last week! What study guide did you use for your TEAS? And also, did you take the IVY class that was worth 1 credit? What's that all about?

Thanks and congrats!!

Thanks! I used the study guide that they sell in the campus bookstore. I also studied harder on my weak areas (fractions, ratio/proportion, metric conversions). This was my 2nd try at the TEAS. The first time I only got a 79.4%. Each topic has minimum cutoff scores: Math 60%, Reading 80%, Science 60%, and English 70%.

The 1st time I ran out of time in the math section and didn't get to complete 5 of the questions and they got counted as wrong so I only got 55.6% for math and the cutoff was 60%. So I had to retake the TEAS.

This time, I got 90.0% for my Adjusted Individual Score (Reading 100%, Math 84.4%, Science 80%, and English 96.4%). When my score popped up on the screen after I was done, I was shocked that I did so well this time. But I went back and studied extra hard on the parts that I did not do so well on the first time and I think that helped a lot.

So don't worry if you don't pass the 1st time you can always re-take it (up to 3 times in a 2 year period - at least a month apart). Hope that info helps.

Oh, and for the 1 credit class, I took Online Learning Technologies online. It was easy. Mostly the class covered stuff that I already knew. I think that it is really stupid that they require that IVY 1 credit class. I think it is just another way to get us to take more classes so they make more money off of us.

I have a 4.0 and got a 91.2 on the TEAS and was told it would probably make the cut. At Ivy Tech Bloomington they tell you that you need A's in all 4 pre-req's and a high 80/low 90 on the TEAS. But with the way the new program is set up, if you don't make RN you can start in PN and if people drop out you might get bumped into their RN slot!


So, I have a bunch of questions.... I'm such a noob!!! OK... I am currently attending Ivy Tech Central Indiana for my pre req's and am kind of confused by a couple things. Do you know how you only have 4 pre req's for the PN program? Well, say when I finish all 4 classes and take my TEAS and am ready to apply to a program do I have to just apply for the PN program since I've only taken those 4 classes or can I apply to the ASN program and finish my additional classes once I get accepted? I really have no clue!! Or can you apply to both and just wait and see which one you get into?

I am SOOO thankful for this site because everyone on here is extremely helpful!! Ugh!! It's so much to process at once and I swear it's not very easy trying to get into an advisor's office.

Thanks everyone!!!

I'm at Bloomington Ivy Tech but I think our requirements are the same. There are only 4 pre-reqs for either program but if you choose ASN you will have several co-reqs to finish before you graduate from the nursing program. Most people try to finish as many of the co-reqs as they can before starting the nursing program because there isn't much time during the program to add on extra classes. Also, you need all the extra time to work on the nursing stuff. I'm finishing my final co-reqs this semester. If I'm accepted into the RN program, I can focus all my efforts on the nursing curriculum. If I have to be in the PN program, I'll have less classes to finish later when I go ahead with my education.

Thank you SO much for all your input!! That helps A LOT! Which co req's did you decide on? Aren't there several options? I think I'm going to take my 4 pre req's (I'm currently taking ENG 111 and PSY 111) and apply to the PN program after I take my TEAS. That way I can get some work experience as an LPN (and hopefully some tuition help) while going back for my RN. I think Ivy Tech's LPN to ASN program looks mostly manageable.

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