IVT license renewal

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May I just ask how much will it cost me to renew my license in IV training? I mean it's not like I'm out of practice coz everyday I always administer IV meds and do IV insertions. I just hope that these renewal of license will not cost me yet another 4000.00 pesos. coz you know I'm still a volunteer nurse.

1,800- 2, 100 (seminar fee/refresher course fee) + 400 reg fee (ansap)

thanks for the reply. yep, another expense... I just wish BON or PNA will do something about the expenses in renewing licenses. I mean, look, I'm a midwife nurse, so every 3 years I have to renew 2 licenses plus the PNA membership which is every year, and also the IVT. And I'm still just a volunteer sometimes reliever. I mean come on! :bluecry1:

hi! just wanna ask where does ansap usually conduct the refresher course and how many days does it take. thanks.

It can be any hospitals, training facilities or institutions accredited by ANSAP. Try searching for it on the web for options. I sat in an IVT renewal course last year and it lasted for 2 days.