IVF Nurse as a New Grad?

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Hi everyone!

I am a fresh nursing graduate looking into work opportunities at IVF clinics. I am excited about the possibility of beginning my career in this specialty but I'm also curious about additional avenues that lay ahead.  Passionate about women's health and obstetric nursing, I aspire to work as a labor and delivery, mother/baby, or postpartum nurse. Yet, despite my efforts and numerous applications, securing a hospital nursing position or new grad program acceptance in the bay area has been challenging since I recently moved here.

Has anyone here started their nursing career at an IVF clinic and later transitioned to working in a hospital setting? 
If you hire for a hospital, what are your thoughts on hiring nurses who come from a non-hospital background?

I'd love to hear about your experiences and any advice you may have on making such a move in the future. Your insights would be greatly appreciated! 🙏😊

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