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"I've been never so happy and so depressed".


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"I've been never so happy and so depressed".

Hi! Probably my concerning doesn't fit in your system (That which I guess might have many holes, but compared with ours there is an abyss of difference).

I'm an Argentinean RN, BSN, right now it would be hard to define in which area should I consider my self being specialist. "Probably being specialist in none". From march 2003 I'm awaiting the CGFNS approval to fly to Florida to take my NCLEX.

Meanwhile, I moved from my place to my parents place (400 Km away) and start working in a local Clinic as a "Good for everything Nurse". ER, Surgical, Medical, Pediatrics, Maternity, Reception of new born in partum-room, Neonatology, Sometimes mixed on the same area (elder patient, medical and surgical adults, pediatrics and patients in labor or aborting). Please don't be judgmental, just consider that we stand on a broken economy.

Now, every time after working for long, only in Maternal-child Nursing, when I'm asked to work with Surgical-Medical adults I experience a strong depression. Stress undermines me as never before and many times I've had the sudden impulse of quitting and going home.

(It would take much space to tell my story but to abbreviate I just will say that as a male-nurse I had not many opportunities to work with pediatrics except for two years as paramedic on ambulances).

I feel really alone, although I understand this experience can enrich me as professional and as a human being.

"I would appreciate any angle on a similar experience".

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I'm not sure I totally follow exactly what you are currently doing.

In the states, "clinic" means more like a doctor's office rather than a hospital setting. Whichever type of area you are working in, it sounds overwhelming--or an awful lot like an emergency room! I've worked various areas in 20+ years of nursing, but I find working with children and babies more my "comfort Zone" or preference. Adults tend to have lots of complications because of multiple health problems, while kids tend to be more straightforward for the most part unless they have chronic illnesses. Maybe this is what distresses you in dealing w/adult med/surg. Just a thought. Good luck in your endeavors!


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My goodness, I'm really alone!

Thanks for making clear the US meaning of the word Clinic. Here they are buildings, let's say, half of the size of a Hospital with hospital setting and a part of doctor's offices. Generally, they belong to a group of physicians or member of some local medical center.

The work is exactly the same one does in a Hospital.

The remarkable difference between most provincial Argentinean nurses and US and Buenos Aires Capital nurses, has to deal with the amount of responsibilities and tasks. After the Chief, (also a male nurse) I'm the only BSN in our nursing staff. Even though my tasks are exactly the same as any other. We offer integral attention, and that mean EVERYTHING: medication, vitals, hygiene, O2 therapy, IV and pumps, drainages, postural changes, tissue caring, bed clothing and so on.

You're write, it is overwhelming.

However, it is not the point. The point is that after ten years I'm very reluctant to work with adult patients, except in maternity. Anyway, I've no Choice because in my living area there is no other Pediatric Clinic or Hospital.:confused: :( :( :(

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