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IUPUI Traditional Spring 2015


I am a current applicant to the traditional IUPUI nursing program for spring 2015. I applied to IUPUI for fall 2014, but missed the cut by TWO people. I just want to kind of compare myself to everyone else applying to see how I measure up I suppose. I am more nervous now because I thought I had a good chance to get in for fall, but since I didn't get in my confidence is definitely shaken up. Any other applicants that feel the same way? Have you applied and been denied already or is this your fist time? I personally have a 4.0 science GPA, a 3.8 Gen Ed GPA, and my TEAS score is a 69 (Which I am well aware that it is considered a lower score). I am a hard worker, I just have NEVER been good at standardized tests. I took all my pre-reqs at IU-Bloomington. I just graduated from there in May. Any other applicants wanna chat?! I would love any input! Thanks!!

teacher91, BSN, RN

Has 6 years experience.

It sounds like you'd be a great candidate for the accelerated program if you've already graduated. Last I knew it was based on gpa only.

Thank you for your response teacher91! The problem that I run into for accelerated is that there are still at least two more pre-reqs that I would have to take. Also, I don't know that I want to do accelerated because I don't want to cram everything in-in such a small amount of time. I just never thought it would really be the best option for me. I did the math and really.. Yes I would have 3 more years of the traditional program but by the time I finished the pre-reqs for accelerated that's a year, and then two more years of accelerated.. So it seemed like basically the same amount of time. I could be wrong, but that's my theory on it all! :)

In most states (I could be wrong here), the traditional BSN program is two years or at most 4 semesters + a summer session. Why is it three years at IUPUI? Also, most accelerated programs at 1 year to 15-months.

Is the two prerequisites you are missing for the accelerated covered as part of the traditiona; BSN track?

Thanks for responding SoniaReb! I appreciate it :)

The traditional program is 6 semesters at IUPUI once you are admitted. So if you add in the two semesters where you take prerequisites then it's a total of 8 (4-year program). So, I'm not sure why it's like that at IUPUI, but as far as I know of other schools in Indiana like Ball State for example, it's the same way. I just looked at IUPUI's website for the accelerated program and AFTER completing prerequisites the program is non-stop study for 20 months. So, I'm not sure why it's a little longer.

I believe that the two prerequisites that I'm still missing are microbiology and physiology. No, neither of those are required to get into the traditional track, the students take them after they are admitted. I wasn't able to fit them in while I was at IU because I barely had enough room to fit in my prerequisites for the traditional track and graduate on time with my current degree.

teacher91, BSN, RN

Has 6 years experience.

I'm currently in 7th semester of the accelerated program (career changer from teaching to nursing). It's been a great experience so far. They've changed the curriculum some, but the only difference between the traditional program and ours was that 3rd and 4th semester were combined, and we did one semester in the summer. This current semester (7th) is the only one that's been more intense (just time consuming) than I'd like, but it's the same for traditional students.

That's awesome teacher91! Glad to hear you found something you like to do :) I just realized that I also am missing the stats prereq for accelerated. I just think that I'm 100% sure that accelerated isn't something I want to do. Because I still need physiology, microbiology and stats.. I would still need at least another semester to finish those, and even then taking all three of those at once sounds like an absolute nightmare. Thanks for the info, though! I appreciate it!

I just got accepted for the accelerated program starting in the spring!!! I hope everything went well with you applying for the traditional program for Spring 2015.

Congratulations to you!!!!! That's awesome! And it went well for me! I got accepted! Exited to start :)

Congratulations to you as well, I can't wait for the induction ceremony. It's all so exciting!!!