It has been a week, should I call HR?

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My interview for my dream job was one week ago. The hiring manager/head nurse basically offered me the job "informally" on the spot. We really clicked and she told me I have the job. She even walked me to HR to sign some papers to get the ball rolling. I have not heard from HR. The nurse manager did email me and said she would "be in touch" with me. What should I do? Should I call HR and check the status? I know HR is short-staffed, but my orientation starts in 3 weeks and I'm not going to resign until I get a formal offer.

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A couple of thoughts...

1) I'd be more likely contact the NM who hired you. You might get blown off at HR, the NM won't. I'd just reply to her "in touch" e-mail and ask for a general timeline.

2) "I'm not going to resign until I get a formal offer." - Offers can be rescinded, you know. I just want you to realize that you're not out of the woods until you're on the payroll.

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