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Isolating from family in medical field

by mikep55 mikep55 (New) New

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Hi there everyone. First time posting, I'm an ER tech, hopefully you don't mind me getting in on these descussions. My question is, How are people in medical field dealing with engaging with family, especially those in higher risk like moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas? I am an ED tech and due to the Covid 19 situation I have left my home where I lived with my 73 year old mom. I was too worried I could bring something home (covid-19) without knowing. Staying at an airbnb for now and trying to find a place. Going forward, especially as this gets worse and theres more covid 19 patients and PUI's, what is your plan for engaging or isolating with older family? Since we are constantly engaging with patients, we will never really know if we have gotten something. Are you not engaging at all? If so, does this mean we don't see are family for possibly months because of this and engage only thru means of facetime ect? Or are people just taking extra precautions and visiting. I don't know, the whole thing is unnerving and really curious how others in our community are dealing with this.

Thank you very much and already feels good to know I'm not alone and see how others are handing this.