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I'm planning a possible move to Johnson City TN this year & I'm looking for advice on salary and hospitals. I have had my RN for a year, and just completed my BSN. I'm a second career nurse but my nursing experience is a year as an extern and 4 months as an RN in gero psych until I had my baby. I've been home since, so to make a long story short I'd be looking at new grad salary. What am I looking at hourly down there? Any suggestions on hospitals? In Philadelphia where I am at now it's $27-28 for new grads.

Grateful for any advice.



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Wellmont Health System and Mountain State Health Alliance are the two main health systems with several hospitals located throughout the Tri-Cities area (Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol). There is a proposed merger of these two health systems, so I would inquire about that when interviewing. The salaries for new grads are probably lower than the Philadelphia area, but so is the cost of living and there is no state income tax.


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My job just outside of the tri-city area pays RNs $20.25. I've heard people say for RNs it's usually around $18 - low to mid $20s. says on average $20.79 for Mountain States Health Alliance, $19.82 for Johnson City Medical Center and between $19-$25 for Wellmont. I don't know how reliable that is though.