Isn't there an easier way?


I went to nursing school because I want to be an OB nurse. I want to work in PP for a few years and eventually be a Lactation Consultant and possibly teach birthing classes, etc.

However, the job market is TERRIBLE. I have been out of school nearly a year with my BSN and have yet to find an RN position anywhere (Not for lack of persistence). I work on a telemetry unit as a CNA (had a interview there yesterday so hopefully that will work out)

I was just thinking today that I want that job in Tele sooo bad but in reality I just want to be a Lactation Consultant. I know I just need to get at least year of experience but a whole year doing something that I don't want to do sounds like pure torture. And who says a year will even be enough?

Does anyone have any advice on how to come closer to my dream quicker or at least survive working Tele for a while (if this job even works out)? Thanks =)


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Hi there!

I've been an ED/Trauma nurse for 6 yrs. and it is all I've ever done. Everyone had told me that I'd never get hired in an ED right out of nursing school without any med-surg or tele experience first. However, I knew I wanted to be an ER nurse and with dedication and persistence proved them wrong. During my last semester of nursing school, I had contacted the nurse manager for the ED at a nearby Level 1 Trauma Center and asked if I could have a tour and also if I could shadow a nurse a few times so that I could be sure of what I was getting myself into. I also went ahead and took BLS & ACLS ahead of time to add to my resume. A month after II graduated, I was hired there.

So, I think some things that may help you get an OB job would be:

1) Contact the nurse manager in the PP unit where you work, or would like to work, and ask if it would be possible to shadow a nurse for a few hrs a few times. This way, the manager will know your face and your interest.

2) Maybe sign up for some type of birthing class, etc that would be related to the job to add to your resumé.

3) You maybe have to take the tele job initially, but most places allow you to transfer to another unit after 6mo - 1 yr. so don't be discouraged!