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Is it worth it?

by Eenolia Eenolia (New) New Pre-Student

Hi everyone! This is my first post I hope I’m doing it correctly. I’m just looking for some insight. I applied for the Spring 2021 nursing program at a community college but I’m having second thoughts. I’ve been doing research and have pretty gotten all negative feedback about the program. People who have graduated from there over the years tell me to consider all my options before committing to this school and the worst thing is someone who works there this semester said they love this nursing program because they kick students out for any little thing. I’m not looking for an easy program I don’t think there’s such a thing when it comes to nursing. I’m prepared to work hard, but I don’t want to Attend a program where the cards are stacked against me, where they make things absolutely impossible for no reason or the goal is not to prepare students for a career in nursing but to damage students mental health. On the other hand it’s so difficult to find a school with a great NCLEX pass rate and proper accreditation that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Did any of choose your attend a program with a horrible reputation? Did your experience match the other students’? 

Yea my programs reputation is complete *** and it has lived up to the hype. I knew what I was getting into before I decided to go there so I have just been busting my *** to learn everything on my own and its been working out for me so far since I am close to graduating. All ill say is that if you do decide to go to that school be prepared to work really hard, use outside study sources like Youtube and Google and keep your expectations low. don't suddenly expect the teachers and the school to be good just because you go there. If you manage to survive, the school you went to will be irrelevant and you'll be a nurse just like everyone else. 🙂


Thank you so much for your reply. I do plan on working hard no matter what program I go into. I am really hoping I can find a program that won't make the process of becoming a nurse even harder than it already is. You sound absolutely determined to become a nurse and that amazing. Congratulations in advance for making it through this journey 😀