Is there a waiting list for the nursing program at Colorado State University Pueblo?

U.S.A. Colorado


Okay, so looks like we will be stationed in Ft. Carson starting Jan 2013 (husband is in the US Army btw).. and i am looking to start school. I was extremely excited with the idea that we were moving somewhere else and found the great oppurtunity too finally start persuing my life-time dreams of becoming a nurse... Since we are only gonna be stationed there for 3 years i figured my best choice was to enroll in a 2 yr program... (havent started on my prereqs yet) problem is, i have done all kinds of research and looks like the closest community college that offers the program would be PPCC, but i've also gotten pretty discouraged reading about how booked they are and how there is a possible waiting list of over a year. The last thing i want right now is to waste any more time. Im eager to start school and i am completely not looking forward to waiting around for openings. So then i gave it some thought and decided that maybe i can just go for my BSN at Colorado State University Pueblo. Now, i was doing some reseach on they're webpage and according to they're info there is no waiting list to students who get accepted. How true is that??? i cant find any reviews on the school and would like to know if anyone has attended their nursing program there before, if so how long did it take you to get accepted .. also, would it be best if i do my prereqs at a community college then transfer to them, or should i just do everything at the university! Any Advice will be greatly appreciated.. THANKS :)

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