Is Visible Body helpful?


I tried to register with Visable Body yesterday and it's not working for me. I'm thinking it's because my computer doesn't meet the system requirements. My question is, for those that can use it, is is helpful? Would it be worth buying a new computer? I kind of need a new one anyway, but can get by a bit longer if Visible Body isn't really worth it. I am taking A & P this fall and I am a very visual learner, I'm thinking it might help.

Any opinions?



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personally, i dont think it was very helpful. I downloaded it for A&P 1, and didnt end up using it at all, i just studied from my text and lab book, and notes and I got a B in the class.

As for any other classes, I'm not sure how helpful it is. But I wouldnt think it would be worth buying a new computer until you really have to.


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i've also registered for it thinking it may help me for a&p. But unfortunately I have yet to use it so I really cant help you. I have briefly looked at it it seems good but i'm not sure longterm if it will help additionally.

wish i could be of more help to you.

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