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Is Samuel Merritt (SMU) a good school?

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Is SMU worth it?

  1. 1. Is Samuel Merritt (SMU) BSN a good program?

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Hi everyone,

I was planning on applying to Samuel Merritt (SMU), but I was wondering if they’re are any current or past SMU students who can share their thoughts and experience with the program. I would also appreciate if any other pre nursing student could share their thoughts and opinions.

Thank You

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SAjala16 has 10 EMT years experience.

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While I am not a student or past student. I am from Oakland, California and was an EMT for an ambulance company there for over 10 years.

I transported patients alot in and out of Summit Medical Center which is right across the street and have friends who work at the hospital still. When I met students who went there, I heard great things about them. They have been in business over 100 years and still doing well so I would think they are still a great school to attend. I just did not like their high cost much but if I was able to go there I would.

I am at the age of 47 now and I have to work. I can't afford to take off to go to school full-time. I would have loved to go through their 12 month BSN program and just be totally school focused for that duration. I am active duty military so I am taking the LVN route and it graduates with a Associates. I have a Bachelor degree in Human Services so it will help with classes. After that I will go for and LVN to BSN. I am in Southern California now. Hopefully I can move back home after I have graduated.

Best wishes to you and your nursing journey.

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I LOVE attending school at Samuel Merritt University.  All of my instructors are wonderful and extremely intelligent; most of my instructors have experience in ICU and critical care, so they train us to think critically. It is extremely hard to fail in our program because of all the support. We have free tutoring and our instructors work around students lifestyles.  I'm a Entry Level Masters -FNP student. We have a student in the program that is an LVN.  The ELMNS program and the accelerated program are two different programs, so I can't provide much information about that program. 

Here is what I know about the accelerated program. It is EXTREMELY rigorous, but you jump right into the MedSurg units. SMU students are loved in the Bay Area especially students in the accelerated programs. There are very little financial aid options since you already have a Bachelors and this can be a challenge for some. Some of the instructors are hard, and I have heard of students not passing classes cumulative grade requirement. If this happens, you have to wait to another seat is available in another cohort. 



Do you think your friends, who may be interested in attending accelerated nursing programs or entry level master programs would be interested in learning how to be a competitive applicant? 

Let me know. If you have any ideas, please send them to me. I feel there is a need for students to know more about this pathway other than the generic program requirements. 

again I'm in the Entry Level Masters FNP Progam at Samuel Merritt University.  I will be offering sessions with students for a small charge in the coming months. 

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