Is it possible to do get a BSN as a single mom?

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Okay. I was wondering what some of you think about this. I am a single mom with two kids ages 5 and 9, I currently work as a hairstylist but want a better future for my kiddos. The LVN and ADN programs in the town I live in are either a) oversaturated, b)recently gotten pulled or in trouble bc the students were not passing NCLEX exams, or c) are 50 miles away. I have been on the waiting list for 5 years for the LVN and ADN courses, got tired of waiting so I got a cosmetology license/ an associate in Health Info MGt, and a business fundamentals certificate in the 5 years I waited which all but the cosmetology license are useless. So I am hoping to apply for one of the universities BSN programs around here instead of waiting on these rediculous lists or driving over 100 miles a day just for an LVN. Do any of ya'll know what the coursework is like for a BSN program? How the program works since you have to do 2 yrs of pre-reqs then apply to nursing school for last 2 yrs of school? What happens if you don't get into the nursing school after your first 2 yrs? Have any of ya'll finishe a BSN as a single mom??

It definitely is possible. I was a single mom while I did cosmetology school and worked as a hairstylist. Now, I'm no longer a single mom but my husband is in the army and away a lot. I am also finishing up my prereqs for my BSN at a university. At my school, they give a preference to people who already go there. Also, BSN programs are typically less competitive because more people want to go the fast-track, cheaper route. I would just talk to the school and ask them how competitive it is. If you keep your GPA then you shouldn't have a problem.

Just make sure you hve support lined up to help with the kids if they get sick bc you can't miss clinicals

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