Is it OK to set up a meeting with an Admissions Director?


I am applying to a nursing school, but have a concern about my application that I wanted to address. I took a course two years ago (unrelated to nursing) and received a D in it. I wanted to check with the Admissions Office at the nursing school if they recommend me retaking the class to better my chances of being accepted (even though the class was not a nursing prerequisite) or if it is not necessary.

I am planning on e-mailing the Admissions Director at the school to ask if I could meet with him and discuss the concerns I am having, but I don't want to come off as trying to score an interview (since the normal application process does not include interviews) or not being appropriate. I just don't want to waste money and time retaking this class if it really is not necessary. Do you think it is OK to e-mail him and ask to set up a meeting to discuss my concern?

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Knowledge is power! After your meeting, you will have, hopefully, an answer to your question. Therefore, there will be no need to continually hash over the grade, right? You will know whether or not to retake the course. Good luck…I hope you will not have to retake the course and still get in!


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Thanks for your advice! I actually ended up explaining my situation via e-mail since I thought it might be wasting their time to schedule a meeting for a really quick question. They ended up telling me to give them a call and on the phone, they told me it probably wouldn't be necessary to retake the course. Very exciting news!