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Is nursing really that bad?

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I've always wanted to go into healthcare, ever since I was a child. Just out of high school, I started nursing school at a technical college with a great reputation in my area. I am now in my 3rd semester of clinicals with 2 more to go.

I've always been told how great the nursing profession is and how good the salary is (relative to amount of years in school) and how great job security is. Everyone always says it's best to go into the healthcare field because you'll never be out of work.

I've been doing some online research and found the median salary for an RN in my area is about $55,000-$60,000. I think that's good considering I'll have only spent a little over two years in school for it. I did more research and found websites about how nurses are underpaid, the pay "stinks" to quote them, and that many people would never encourage someone to go into nursing.

I don't get it. What happened? This is really worrying me now. Nursing school is so stressful. Am I doing this for nothing?

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Nursing is amazing. I would never, could never do anything else. But nursing's not easy; you've got to love it.

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