Is this normal for an ASN program??


When I look at the actual NUR classes in the program theres only like five!! And none of the descriptions say anything about pharmacology, iv's, etc. Its an accredited program but maybe the description are just not really descriptive of the actual program?? I just read on here what everyone is doing and It feels like there not as many classes!???

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How many credits are each NUR class? My transition program "technically" only has three courses, but each one is 10 credits.


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Alterations in Health 1- 6 credits

Care of Child Bearing Family-4 credits(you also take this class with) Care of Children- 4 credits

Alterations in Health 2- 8 credits

Nursing Seminar-1 credit

Alterations in Health 3- 8 credits.

These are the only classes after the pre-reqs of CHM, BIO,PSY, ENG

The other LPN school has more classes than this ASN program!??

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Sounds about right. I've seen courses that are anywhere from 6-12 credits per class. Your clinicals should be counted as credit hours also.

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Sounds like you take one class per semester for the most part. Seems pretty much in line with what I've seen other places.

Course descriptions are very broad descriptions. Check out some of the descriptions of your prereqs.


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I looked at my prereqs and it's basic stuff. Like for CHEM, and A&P classes. Thanks guys for the replys!:loveya:

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