Is this the norm?


Hi All,

I was wondering how fast paced are your PN programs with covering and testing on material? I'm in my 4th month of PN school and I'm doing well. I'm just feeling overwhelmed because we have went from testing twice a week to testing every single day of the week (literally Monday-Friday). My program is a 15 month program so I understand that it is "accelerated"... but I feel like I'm just processing the information that I'm learning fast enough to pass the exam before something else is crammed down my throat and I'm tested on it.

For example, there was no testing on Monday due to the holiday; however, I had Foundations 1 ATI testing on Tuesday, my ANS final on Wednesday, a Pharm Math Unit 1 exam on Thursday, and a Pharm Theory Unit 1 exam today (Friday).

Next week, Monday we have Pharm Theory Unit 2 exam, Tuesday we have Pharm Theory Unit 3 exam, Wednesday we have a Pharm Math Quiz, Thursday we have our Pharm Math Unit 2 exam, and then Friday we have our Pharm Math Final exam.

Is this the norm...? Just wanting to get some insight and inspiration from other students on their experiences.




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Wow that does seem like a lot! Iam enrolled in a 15month program as well. I start in three weeks! If you don't mind me asking, where are u you attending school?

I'm in a 14 month program and I start a new class every 5 weeks