Is Molloy College in Rockville Centre NY hard to get into?


I applied for the BSN program at Molloy as a transfer student with a 3.3GPA.

I already have a BS in another major from another college, but decided to get into Nursing. I met with an admissions counselor and was told my GPA was good and I qualified, and that all my general education credits from my previous BS would transfer over, which only leaves me to take the math, science, and nursing courses to complete the BSN.

Does anyone know if Molloy is hard to get into :confused: I heard Molloy has a great nursing program and I am really hoping to get in!

Please anyone who has been accepted to Molloy or knows anything about their application process or nursing program feel free to PM me!

Thanks for any help!


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hi im also trying to get into nursing program in molloy college i have done with my english test next is math screening test . have u gone through this test .


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I have not found out if I am accepted yet. After assume that after I were to be accepted do they start with the placement testing. Were you accepted into the program?


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your overall GPA is very good for the nursing program, the only thing that could possibly trip you up is the pre reqs which drive some people crazy :smackingf if they already have a degree... you need to have anatomy I&II, Microbiology, Organic Chem, statistics, Philosophy, and english comp i believe, but so far your GPA is good... oh and the lowest grade your allowed to get is C+ in classes for nursing


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The adviser said I would be able to take my pre-reqs after I was accepted. Do you think the fact that I haven't taken my pre-reqs already will give me less chance of getting accepted? Thanks.