Is Lincoln Medical Center safe for a Travel Nurse?


I was offered a travel nurse job at Lincoln Medical in South Bronx, NY. Anyone familiar with the hospital or the area and if it would be safe for a new traveler??


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I used to work for Lincoln. My advice to you is just take your time, don't get caught up in all the drama and use common sense. The RN/pt ratio can be a bit high. Admission goes in order, unless they've hired an admission nurse (which I doubt). There are times you will get an admission 15 mins before you are about to leave.:eek: As far as the area, again, use common sense. The South Bronx is not as bad as it is portrayed on tv, or as people make it sound. But then again, I've lived here all my life. If you look for stuff, you'll find it.;) It is a great place for experience. If you can work there, you can work anywhere!! Trust me. Good luck.