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Is Laguardia allows second chance for TEAS V ?

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I took TEAS V this month because i nearly finished my prerequisites with A's and GPA of 4. But unfortunately i poorly scored on TEAS V. I score individual score of 53 %. I am so worried about about my admission in RN program. will they accept me as candidacy

or i have to retake the test? i am quite confused. Please kindly help my friends. Thank you so much.


I did a search on LaGuardia Community College and found this:


Assuming that I have the correct college, it seems that you need at least a 58 according to this:


And this:


So minimum appears to be 58% and you may only take it twice. But, please do your own due diligence and be sure that this is correct information.



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I'm not an expert on LaGuardia's program... far from it. What I've seen is that often programs will accept the first passing score on the TEAS. The program I attended does this. Sure, you can take the TEAS as many times as you want, but the first one that meets the required "passing" score for that program is the only one they'll accept, even if you do HUGELY better at a later test session.

From what I reviewed from the links above, it appears that you only have 2 attempts at the TEAS to achieve at least a "proficient level" and if you fail that, you're unable to proceed further at that institution... so do your own homework and know that each program sets their own standards as to what their admissions process is. There are lots of review materials out for the TEAS and are pretty close to the actual exam so you'll have a very good idea what you're going to score on the TEAS. I would also suggest taking a TEAS practice test before you actually do the exam because the practice exams are pretty close to what you'll see and how the test is administered... and the scores will be pretty close to what you'd get if you took the TEAS right then.

I saw the requirement on the website. It says you need a proficient score in teas, which means is over 58. Here is the thing: my whole score is over 58, but my reading score just get 45. I want to know if I can get in if my individual score is 67 but have a reading portion of 45?