Is It Quality Improvement or Research?


Ninth Annual Magnet Conference

"Celebrating Excellence in Nursing"

October 26-28, 2005

Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami Beach, Florida

Hosted by ANCC's Institute for Credentialing Innovation and Baptist Hospital of Miami

Session Abstract: SC011 Standing on the Edge of the Slippery Slope: Is It Quality Improvement or Research?

Magnet hospitals foster the use and conduct of nursing research. There is confusion about the difference between what projects fall under the criteria for quality improvement (QI) and research. The purpose of QI is to improve care to a specific patient population, and is under the authority of organizations. Research is conducted to generate knowledge, and is conducted under the regulation of the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP). There are a variety of criteria that can be applied to determine the difference, but with research comes great responsibility. These include; responsibility to protect our subjects (patients), create a strong design so that conclusions can be drawn, and have the skills and abilities to conduct the research. Without adequate experience and mentorship, nursing research can result in violations of OHRP regulations, leading to investigator review and action. This also places the organization at risk. This session will focus on differentiating nursing projects as quality improvement or research. The process to submit a protocol for Institutional Review Board approval will be described. Examples of nursing projects will be used to demonstrated the differences in quality improvement and research, and successful IRB approval.

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