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So I've been really wanting to do CRNA for a long time. Right now I just finished my AS and passed the NCLEX and i'll be in school for one more year to do my BS. The thing is I goofed around too much the first two years and my undergrad gpa is 2.86. But last year I studied religiously and got A's. I know this is early, but I'm just wondering if it's even possible for me to even get accepted into CRNA school after I finish my BS and work in the ICU for a couple of years (Or would I need to retake classes to raise up my GPA a bit?) Thanks in advance!

Try to get into a CICU there is some great experience there. Definitely get at least a couple of years of experience, will build your skills and knowledge. This will also give you sometime to think it over and see if it is really what you want, aside from the pay I mean. Get your BSN and do well in those classes that should help your GPA some, although it won't help your science GPA. Not to discourage you or anything but it may not be a matter of trying to get in as it would having trouble completing the CRNA program. From what I hear nursing school is cake on cake compared to CRNA school. Good luck.

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When I first started in college many years ago, I was young and stupid and didn't study. My GPA was like 2.3. I then married, moved out of state, and began attending a different university to finish my BA. The credits transfered to the new school, but not the grades. So when I graduated a year later, it was based on those classes at this school only - a 3.98.

Now, for my second BS, I just finished a program with the first school I had attended way back when. For my cummulative GPA they do include the grades from my previous degree, so it is lower again at about 3.45. But for my masters application, the admission counselor said they look more at the science and nursing GPA, which again is up about 3.95.

Maybe transfer to a different school in order to raise your GPA?

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I know of a few people who got into CRNA school with about the same GPA. But it's all about balancing it out, and it took a fair amount of work for them to become competitive. One guy took 3-4 graduate level chemistry & A/P classes... aced them. Also put in 4 years of experience in a major teaching hospital CT-ICU, got CCRN, good GRE scores. There is no easy way to get into CRNA school... they make it difficult because it is difficult. So don't let your GPA get you down, keep your head up. Just expect hard work for the next few years! If you truly want it, you'll find the means to acheive it. Good luck!

Thank you very much for the replies! It was not good to goof off my first few years in college. I'm definitely going to some hard work and give a last push through the BS classes. Thank you again!

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