Is this a good hesi score to get into nursing program?


I recently took the hesi a2 entrance test and scored an 85%. My GPA is a 3.54, and I have background as a CNA. I'm applying at north georgia technical college, is this a good enough score to get me in?


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I think your score and GPA are competitive. It depends of whom you are competing against of course, but IMHO, I think you have a fair shot. Best of luck to you!!


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Im in texas but you should be fine, i made an 84 with cna background, gpa was a 3.0 when i applied..and i got in. Start in June :) good luck


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Thanks!that's gives me some hope!

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I think you did fine. Don't stress about it, anything dealing with nursing is competitive but you have a good shot at getting in, you would actually be surprised how many people do not get close to that score! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!


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Did you get into the program?


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I did get in. I love the instructors and am pretty happy with my choice of school!