Is FNP worth it?- Central Valley Area


I see many topics asking similar questions however not a lot of insight from NPs in the area where I live.

After a lot of reading on different threads I can see that location makes a big difference for the job market for NPs.

I live in Bakersfield, which is location in Kern County, part of the Central Valley. We have a FNP program at the local CSU.

I currently work in an ICU and love the idea of working with patients in the clinic setting rather than acutely. Whether that’s be general family care or something more specialized that grabs my attention like a derm office.

I am writing to see if there are any FNPs in my area that can give insight on the job market around here. Is it saturated? Hard to find a job? Decent pay? Or if someone reading this can give specific insight to CSUBs FNP program that would be awesome!

thank you all in advanced!

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In the Central Valley of California- YES!!

I don't live in Bakersfield but live further up north ( Merced) and there is always a shortage of FNPs in the Central Valley. I don't specifically know about your school but I do have a friend who graduated from that particular NP Program and she liked it.

Go on Indeed and look for FNP jobs in your area- this will give you a good outlook. Also I have noticed if you are able and willing to relocate in the central valley finding a job is much easier.

Goodluck in your decisions.



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Thank you for your response!
It is encouraging to hear positive input from others. I appreciate it.