Is a DNP program worth it?


Has 1 years experience.

Hi all! I am an RN with a BSN degree, and have been a nurse for about a year and a half (graduated in 2020). I worked in the hospital on a surgical floor for just under 6 months, and then transitioned into an amazing office job as an RN. I have a year of experience at this clinic. Just to give you all some background info on myself! 

Lately, I have been contemplating going back to school for my DNP. The University near me is switching from an MSN program to a DNP program next fall in 2022. I know most schools are switching to DNP and that most of the programs will be specifically DNP by 2025. My question is, is getting my DNP worth it or should I stick with my BSN? I have had a desire to go back to school lately after working with wonderful NP’s in my office, and I do miss learning new things like I did in my undergrad classes. Although I know it is a lot of work and responsibility as an NP, I love the idea of learning more complex information and diagnosing/treating patients as well.


I also am thinking it would be best to try to get my DNP prior to having kids (as I don’t currently). If anyone who did DNP school with kids, I would love to know how it was for you and how you balanced everything! 

The program I’m looking at is relatively affordable and I wouldn’t be going too far into debt, but enough to wonder if the degree is worth the debt as well. 

Also, I’m wondering if I did decide to apply if my experience of only a year and a half would hinder me in the application process as well? I know some programs require two years of experience while others do not have time worked requirements. 

I am looking for any information pertaining to DNP programs before I decide if I’m going to apply or not, and would love to hear any insights on it! TIA!