Is the CNL more competative for Nurse Residency's

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Hey all! I will be graduating from University of Maryland with an entry level masters next month. I am applying for pretty competetive new graduate resedencies mostly in ER, PICU. I am wondering if being an entry level masters means anything to hiring managers?

My dream job is Childrens National, but I dont want to not accept what comes my way if chances are slim.


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It is absolutely more competitive! There are more clinical hours in leadership, more experience in evidence-based practice, etc. You just need to be able to talk it up! And if you want to be even more marketable, take the CNL exam and get certified. You definitely don't need to wait a year to sit for it.

Tina S

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update did not get Childrens job. They take forever to let you know! Which is a bit unfair.

Tina S

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update: I did not get any of the competetive jobs I applied for. I think my CNL degree may have helped me get interviews but in retrospect, I was not prepared for the hospital. ...I want to go back someday but am currently in outpatient.

Why did you not feel prepared for the hospital? Did you apply to any less competitive hospital positions?

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