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Is Cedars-Sinai TCAB Volunteer Program Beneficial?

Hi, Hopefully some of you could give me a little advice...I graduated in June, got my RN license in July. I am recently starting the TCAB volunteer program for cedars because I fell in love with this hospital after doing three clinical rotations there. So, I already went to the volunteer interview, and just did their orientation etc. Unfortunately the TCAB training is the day I leave for my honeymoon (and the next training isn't for months). They said if I wanted, that I could still volunteer, but just not do the TCAB program since I won't be able to do the training. So I would just do their traditional program, where I would gfo around and give pts magazines or coffee (non clinical). At first I thought that would be fine, because at least I would be volunteering. But then I heard all these great things bout the TCAB program, and it's so different than their regular volunteering program. Even the volunteer coordinator said I would be missing out on a lot if I did the regular volunteer program appose to TCAB. So now I am struggling to make this decision: Do I reschedule my honeymoon trip, which would cost me $400 once everything is changed/rebooked? Is the TCAB program going to benefit me THAT much?? Or can it wait until a few months, when I am able to get into their next TCAB training. It's a lot of money, but I am willing to pay it and reschedule my trip if its really going to help me get a foot in the door. I am so stuck right now.


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