Is CCU Rewarding?


Hello everyone, I am curious as to what draws you to the CCU. I have only worked in the NICU and it is so rewarding and I was grateful that I had the opportunity to grow there. I am now transitioning into the possibility of working with adults. For myself, I see that many of my friends from school love the NICU and always talk about it, yes it is stressful, scary, heartbreaking and challenging, just like any other floors, but for the most part they love it and so many friends out there want to get into that area but can't. What I don't hear alot is the desire for the CCU. I have researched a little bit on the internet and the feel that I get is that the CCU is high stress with high turn-overs. Please do not be offended, I find the heart an amazing and complexed organ, but the CCU scares me because I don't see the nurses feel like they are holding miracles in their hand, its just a high strung job. That is why I want to get the true scoop from CCU nurses, what is it like, how do you feel, what makes you stay and what makes you want to leave. When I hear people talk about the NICU my heart melts and I love my patients so much, but when I think of the CCU, I just recall the stories that nurses are highly stressed and are not happy. Please if anyone has the time to share your story or exp. with me I would greatly appreciate it. I am still so new to the nursing profession and do not want to close any doors! Thank-you for you help! :nurse: