Is CCBC online program risky?



I am trying to decide between the Community College of Baltimore County's online program and the evening program. I was leaning toward the online program because I work and I have kids, but now I am hearing everyone say that most people do not graduate out of their online program, and they end up reapplying to the day or evening program the next semester. I read (on allnurses) that the online program was shut down for a while due to so many problems. Has anyone actually graduated from the program? I have met four people so far who were admitted but either failed out or quit to enter a different program, but I have not heard of any successful graduates.

Also, I emailed with the director of the program, and she said it was indeed more difficult, and that there were still several days a week that you have to go face to face, but she would not give me specific schedule details, which I desperately need if anyone has the info. All she told me was that one of the days was during the daytime, and the other days were at night, which makes me think this program may actually make it MORE difficult for working folks because there is no consistent scheduling; how am I supposed to work a day shift job or a night shift job if there are both day and night classes?

Ugh! I need more info, at this point I think Evening is the way to go, but any help would be great!~


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I am a graduate of CCBC's online program! I was excited about it att first but ya know, I think Id be better if I went to the face to face. MY GPA suffered so much from the online program. They did shut it down because there was a disconnect betweeen the quality of the face to face vs online. Most people dropped out before before they were kicked out to avoid having that bad "kicked out" mark on their records which prevents you from getting into BSN programs later or Masters porgrams because it looks bad. I stuck it out and passed by the seat of my pants, and my GPA went from 3.89 (before online program) to 2.6 . I'm now stuck in the boat where I can't get into BSN program because of low GPA, so I have to take even more classes at CCBC to raise my GPA :( Not a happy camper. My wife went to the day program after I told her not to do the online, and let me tell you, she is getting much more support that me, and she also has face to face interactions with classmates who all get together and study in groups. They came to our house occasionally and they all were saddened by my online experience. I don't know about evening because I think thats at essex, and we went through catonsville for both my online one and her day program, but I think you'd be better off face to face, at least until they get all the kinks out of the online program. I think they're the only online program for Associates that I've heard of (probably for good reason!). Good luck either way.


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Ugh! Not what I wanted to hear. Can you PM me with more info? Like what is the schedule like?


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The schedule varied. Fall was Monday daytime (4 hours face to face) then Wednesday evening we had seminar, but I think this changed. I heard that there may be more than 2 days face to face (which defeats the point of it being online, right???).