Is a B good for A&P 1 in Mass?


I was doing so good for this course, but my skin got worse (I suffered from acne for long) and so I couldn't pay attention in class.. I can't believe I let it control me... when my skin was clear, I got a 94 for the first exam and a 96 for the 2nd. I got a 50 out 50 for all lab practical. Then my skin got worse and started getting 60's for the last 2 exams. I got a 49 for the finals which is terrible.. I dunno what happened there. That final exam screwed up me big time. I honestly didn't study at all after doing good. You think I should be happy about that 'cause I could have done better if I didn't let my skin control me? ^^;; You think a B is good in mass? I want to get an A for A&P 2. I will try my best!! If I get that A, I don't care about A&P 1 as A&P 2 is harder. I wonder if it is hard than nervous system? Nervous system was the hardest chapter in A&P 1. If some chapters in A&P 2 is harder, then I gotta study so dang hard .

I am happy with a B though. I'm pretty sure that if I retake it, I can get an A because I learned a lot, but not sure if worth it. The first 2 exams are easy. :) Or I can try and get an A for A&P 2.

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I am not in Mass. But let me say, I will take a B! I passed with a 89.56 .... Devastating, I wanted that A so bad lol But I have seen many people struggle with A&P - so I would be and am happy with my B.


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Aw thanks! I will just try hard and try to get either A- or A on A&P 2. I am willing to study hard. I am thinking of only registering for A&P 2 so I can focus on it entirely. Yeah, a B is very good here. I think I need a C+ to get into the nursing program, but Umass university, I need a B which I am good if I apply there. Yeah, I'm actually happy, 'cause I didn't study hard 'cause of this problem that I had. I could have gotten an A easily since I did so good on Lab practical and the first 2 exams, plus there was a project of a 20 bonus. That helped me a lot. She did said that a lot of people have failed her class for A&P 1. Also, half of students dropped out. So I feel good that I passed with a good grade. She's chinese, so it was hard to understand her sometimes.. ;\