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Is Adkins Academy a real program?

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Is Adkins Academy a real program?

I have been looking into exam prep programs and came across the Adkins Academy. (http://www.adkinsacademy.com/) They seem to have good reviews but I wanted to make sure they are not a scam. Does anyone have experience with them or know if they are legitimate? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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I attempted the TEAS exam for the first time in March 2014. I had a lot going on personally, but still had purchased the ATI books/practice tests and put a fair amount of time into using them. I also used the Kaplan book. I had anticipated that my scores wouldn't be outstanding, but figured they'd be sufficient enough. I was wrong! I missed my school's required math score, and just barely met the others.

My school also only allowed a total of 2 attempts at the TEAS exam. Obviously I was under a LOT of pressure, and knew it was absolutely crucial for me to walk in prepared and confident in order to raise my scores. I searched endlessly online for various prep course options, and that's when I came across Adkins Academy for the first time.

I submitted an information request, and I was shocked that Dr. Adkin's called me personally not long afterwards-- in the evening time, after business hours. So I will admit that because of the late and quick personal phone call-- not to mention the steep ($1000) price tag-- I really thought I was being scammed at first! However I was desperate, had read many promising reviews, and appreciated that Dr. Adkin's was very thorough in answering all of my questions.I never felt pressured)! So luckily, in the end I made the right choice! IT WAS THE BEST $1000 I EVER SPENT! Honestly it is a lifesaver... IF you take the classes and information provided seriously! My scores increased so much more than I expected. In fact, the proctor for my exam even seemed surprised at how well I had done and congratulated me as I walked out! I remember feeling so relieved, and like I was on cloud nine.

Fast forward to today, and I am already graduating from my school's ADN program this Spring. I did not even hesitate to register for Dr. Adkin's NCLEX Prep course. I have been planning on using his NCLEX prep since before I even began nursing school, thanks to my experience with his TEAS program.

I'll share my own scores down below. If you're considering the Adkin's Academy, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go for it! You will not be sorry!!!


Attempt #1  -  March 2014

Test of Essential Academic Skills V 


TEAS Reading   81.0%

TEAS Mathematics   56.7%

TEAS Science   56.3%

TEAS English & Language Usage   63.3%


Attempt #2  -  October 2015

Test of Essential Academic Skills V Retake 1 


TEAS Reading   97.6%

TEAS Mathematics   76.7%

TEAS Science   75.0%

TEAS English & Language Usage   73.3%

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Why would there be a need to drop $1k on test prep? 

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dmikedan has 1 years experience.

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I would NOT recommend that at all. Why pay all of that money when you can literally go on YouTube for free. I watched a ton of YT videos that give real experience on how and what to use, I also searched on here( just type in TEAS 6 allnurses on google). On YT, I used math dude and Brandon craft for math, for English, Science, and reading I used Blossom with Jessica. I just watched all of their videos and wrote down all the topics to focus on then I studied that. After I felt confident, I looked online for practice questions (the ATI website has two) or I even went to my public library for TEAS 6 books. 

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Notice how the OP as well as the two that had glowing reviews all have less than 5 posts? It sounds VERY suspect and red flags should be going up. I'd stay away from this test prep. A grand for TEAS? No way!

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CURRENTADKINSSTUDENT specializes in scam detection.

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I made an account just to respond!


I googled everywhere, searched far and wide for an actual review. 

Everything just said 5 stars, great program, etc. There was no raving or celebrating for that high price point.. That should have been the first sign. 

I sat through classes from 3pm - 9pm (or later) twice a week for months. I did learn some basic things, but good lord is it repetitive. This class is structured like this:

One section per class, such as Wednesday Math, Sunday Reading. The next Wednesday is Science part A, the next Sunday is Science part B. The following week would be Wednesday English, and Sunday would be full comprehensive review. 

Sounds very thorough, right?


"Dr." Adkins creates these exams himself and every subject class is exactly the same. He decides what to make the questions about- and he had no idea what he's talking about past what he wrote into the questions.

This is made clear when you call him outside of class for help. 

I reached out for math support, and he was very condescending the whole time. I explained math is my weak spot and a source of panic for me. He told me that was ridiculous and just to get on with it. I asked for his help for some problems out of the Mometrix practice test (I had the explanations in front of me, but I was curious if he would be able to help me anyways). 

He wasn't able to. He was getting many answers wrong himself. 

The worst part came when I looked him up. 

He is not a medical doctor. The students all call him Dr. Adkins, and he continues on as if he has earned some kind of medical education.

He has his masters in business administration. He is a business man and he is capitalizing on nervous nursing students who are DESPERATE for that perfect TEAS score.

I'm so sorry if you've paid for the class. I did really well in his class, and honestly I thought I was going to do well on the TEAS! It wasn't until I took a few other practice tests and didn't do so hot that I realized I wasted valuable time... Buy smart prep and take it section by section. Buy mometrix. Hell, do both and you'd still save the money from going to this pseudo TEAS "teacher". 

My biggest regret was recommending this to a friend and having us both sit through these boring and sometimes shocking classes. He teaches these classes from his home- you can hear his kids screaming in the background. 

Don't dare ask a question he will make you feel stupid. I've seen countless students ask a valid question where he responds with, "This is why the national average is a 64." Or something like that. 

He makes the test sound IMPOSSIBLE. Like he is some amazing genius who is your only hope for passing.

He is a businessman. He is an awful teacher.


-find the facebook group ATI TEAS 6 Test - Study Group
there are so many amazing FREE resources.

Thanks go to my father for shelling out the money for this, ensuring me that there's a chance it might be good enough for the price tag. I'm sorry dad! :(

I hope I do well despite this setback- TEAS in a week and a half!

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On 4/9/2019 at 6:01 PM, Tazeia Hines said:

The ATI TEAS can be hard 



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Hey guys, 

I am currently in Dr. Adkins classes for preparation for the TEAS test. I lost my packets and I dont know if there is a charge to get him to send them again?


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