Old misdemeanor, experiences with IA BoN/Employers

  1. I'm posting in here rather than the dedicated subsection in hopes of finding specific answers for a Iowa. I have a very minor 5th degree theft that happened my 1st year of college, will be 5 yrs old by the time i get to running checks. My understanding is I will have to meet with BoN, assuming the offense doesn't raise any issues with clinicals. I've tired to contact the Iowa BoN but no one will tell me if this offense will affect licensing. Any experiences with the Iowa BoN? Thanks.
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  3. by   MikeFromMT
    This is from the Iowa Board of Nursing:

    Q. Can an individual with a criminal conviction become licensed?
    A. In order for an individual to become licensed in Iowa, they must first graduate from a state board approved nursing program, at which time they can then apply for licensure. If they have answered yes to the criminal conviction question on the licensure application they must provide copy(s) of the sentencing order(s) when submitting application materials. The Board of Nursing will review each individual application and criminal record and make a final decision regarding licensure. The applicant has the option to sit for the NCLEX exam before or after they have received approval for licensure. The applicant will be asked to submit the following written materials to the board office at the time of application.
    a. Send a copy of the Court records; i.e. trial information, judgment entry and sentencing order with the application.
    b. A written assessment of your life before, at the time of, and after the conviction.
    c. Parole/Probation Officer’s assessment if currently under active supervision or a letter from your parole/probation officer stating that you completed the requirements of your probation.
    d. Employment history (please include in your written assessment).
    e. Enclose copies of all substance abuse evaluations with treatment discharge summary and aftercare recommendations.
    Letters of recommendation may also be included.

    Hope this helps.