CEU audits? I know: "call the BON" but...

  1. I JUST this hour finished renewing my license for the second time (first was after 2 years and now after the 3 years) online (renewal due 5/15). I got to thinking that I have no idea where my MART certificate is and they do say you may need that if you are audited. I am renewing my MART at the end of the month (we all know it is due every 5 years) but it is after my renewal date. However I am up too late, too much caffeine and I am wondering, as you renew online would they tell you right away if you are being audited right then, OR is it possible they could still send me something in the mail about auditing? How much time do you have to wonder about it!? Should I be currently tearing up the house looking for it in other words? I worry too much. I just don't remember them asking specifically about MART last time I renewed. I guess I only remember them asking about the CEUs-though I know it was required! I may actually have a copy of it online at work under my "maintain license info" but just thought I would ask those out there who may have been audited.....Ack I am going to bed...thanks though! (and don't get me started on the cost of renewal! Anyone else out there wish your employer could just take out about 3 bucks a month from your check and when renewal is up they just send it in for ya? I know too complicated....)
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    Oh I should add my MART is not technically due until November of this year---so it isn't overdue...I just don't know where the certificate is. Like I said I was just wondering how soon after you renew your license is one usually told they are being audited?