Introducing myself. Also, UPenn, PhillyU, or other?


Hello, ladies (and possibly gentlemen),

I have recently made the decision to become a CNM. I actually intended to apply to medical school and become an Ob/Gyn for the last several years and recently completed the pre-reqs and was about to take the MCAT. However, my disappointing birth experience with my beautiful daughter this past September has steared me away from that and towards midwifery. It meshes much more with how I feel childbirth should be handled in most cases, especially in the wake of my overly intervened with and eventual C-section delivery.

I am from Philadelphia, born and raised, and now live in its suburbs. Relocating isn't really an option for us, so I am pretty much limited to UPenn or Philly U. I have a bachelor's degree, but am not a nurse. I know, for Philly U, I would need to at least become an RN (which I could do cheaply at a community college) and could then begin their program (I also know they recommend a year of midwife-related experience, though I'm not entirely sure what that means beyond possibly working as a doula or an L&D nurse). I also know UPenn has an accelerated BSN option that allows you to enter the CNM/WHNP program immediately after completion of the program and passing the NCLEX.

I see some very negative reviews of UPenn's program around here, which really surprises me (I know epiphany is a UPenn graduate and I read her long post and you could see her becoming less and less impressed as the program went on). That said, I don't see much about Philly U one way or the other. I have been searching the boards and not found much. The double major you can do with UPenn is appealing to me, as it opens more opportunities for you after graduation. But the fact that I could just get my RN and apply to PhillyU would be great. I had not intended to apply to PhillyU before this but I am in the process of applying to Upenn for the accelerated BSN/MSN program, and just scheduled to take the GRE at the end of the month.

So now I'm really torn on what to do. I'm about ready to rip my hair out as it is with deciding which programs to apply to and whatnot. And if anyone could provide any insight on either Upenn or PhillyU, or another option I am missing, I would greatly appreciate it.

Sorry for the novel, and thanks for reading!

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