Interviews for the RN program


I am waiting for my call for my interview. If anyone has any information on what to expect, I would love to hear about it. Just so I can prepare myself for what is about to come. Or do you even have interviews.



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I have my interview with Rush University this Friday. I'm not sure which program you're looking into, but afterwards I could let you know how it went.

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Of course every school/program is unique and will have different interview criteria but I'm sure it would be wise to prepare for that inevitable question of "why do you want to pursue nursing?" and/or "why do you want to pursue nursing at our program?"

I would also be prepared with any questions you may have that have not yet been answered by program officials. This will demonstrate that you have investigated their program in depth and actually have a deep interest in how they run it and how best to prepare for it.

I'm not sure how much the interview portion counts as part of your application, but it wouldn't hurt to practice your answers to those big two questions out loud before your interview. It doesn't need to sound contrived, but you may feel more comfortable if you have a practice run.

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