Interviewing as a new grad with a schedule restriction

by cameron5575 cameron5575, BSN, RN Member

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Hi All,

So I passed my NCLEX on July 31st and have been on the job hunt. I have been interviewing with a big hospital system in my state for an ortho floor. I even shadowed a few days ago and was told by the unit manager that everything was a go and that I would be offered the position. However, I was initially told this position would be for nights (which is why I applied). When I spoke with the manager after my shadow, however, he started talking about days. I explained that I'm not opposed to working days however, as part of my religion, I have an obligation to attend my meetings during the week. One is at 10am-11-45am on Sunday and one is at 7pm-8:45pm on Wednesday. It is really not an option for me to skip these meetings. Working nights wouldn't interfere with my Sunday meeting. Wednesday would obviously be a scheduling conflict but on my first interview, the manager told me we are allowed to put 2 days out of the month on the schedule that we can't work. He also said people on the floor would be open to switching days if you worked another day for them - so I figured it wouldnt be too tough to switch two days out of the month with someone else (especially since I would be open to working weekend nights).

But when I told him I had religious meetings and that I wouldn't be able to work on Sunday morning, the deal was basically off. He told me it wouldn't be fair since no one else on the unit gets a set day off.

I guess my question is do you think I should just keep applying to different floors at that same hospital? Or should I try different hospitals all together? I personally know of a few RNs in my area who work inpatient jobs with the same religious meetings as me (and they have regular meeting attendance). But I don't know of any that work at that hospital specifically (but there very well could be some that I just have never met).


Thanks in advance for weighing in.