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I interviewed for a HH postion 2 weeks ago. I was told one week ago by HR that the VP just had to sign off on 'this' and HR would be in touch later that day. No response. I emailed HR that Monday and they said VP was on vacation the week before and had to get caught up and they hoped to 'be in touch' by the end of the week. No response. I emailed HR this morning and the response I got was: We are still trying to finalize this. Please know that I will be in touch as soon as I know something.' She sounded irritated, but what am I supposed to think?


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I had a very similar situation happen to me. I went on interview and was told that I'd like it there

and that I would make a good fit. It went very well and I was to contact HR later on that day to get

a salary quote. I called and left message. The next day returned call, Just checking on status and to let

them know I was still interested. Left number. No response a week later. This morning I called the company that

interviewed me and was told that I probably did not get a response because " they had been very busy and

HR was tied up this week". I was told to try back next week. Sigh,,, Im thinking, "If you dont want me just say

so". I cant wait on this and have to keep applying elsewhere. Its disheartening, because I really wanted this. ( 9 min from home). I guess I'll keep working my prn jobs.