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Interview tomorrow. Feel Rusty-haven't worked in a few years. Advice please.

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I haven't worked for a few years and have stayed at home with my babies. I have an interview tomorrow for a RN position in a medical practice (Primary Care Doctor). I feel rusty and want to stand out from other candidates. Any tips for me? I'm going over scenario questions to prepare for questions that could be asked. Moms, did you have a hard time transitioning back to the work place?

Thank you!


Read about the practice - when it started, etc. Brush up on the MD's etc. Try to work the information into the conversation some how so they know you've taken the time to learn about them.

Acknowledge that while you have been out of the paid work force, you have been working at home raising children, are anxious to get back into the swing of things and do not feel it would take you long at all. They may ask of over time is a problem for you because often times MD offices run late - be honest if it would be or if on occasion it wouldn't etc. Good luck