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Hi all,

I wasn't quite sure where to post this thread but I figured "General Nursing Discussion" was as good a place as any.

I am a newly graduated (and registered) Endorsed Enrolled Nurse from Australia and I have two new job interviews coming up. My main concern is not what they'll ask me in the general arena but what SCENARIO-based questions they'll cast my way.

Like most people, I get very nervous when it comes to interviews yet I find it helps if I can prepare myself in any way.

What I'd like to know is: what are the most common scenario based questions that you've been asked during an interview?

Please and thank you :)

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depends on which unit. the last interview for icu i had,

1. i was given an ABG result and asked me to interpret it and what vent changes would i make.

2. high CVP, SVR, what it means, what to do to bring it down.

3. what to do with high ICP; CSF not draining.

just be honest. tell them if you do not know. if you are a new grad, they will not ask you these things. most of it you would have to use common sense.


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Tell me about a situation you had to deal with a difficult patient, what did you say to this patient to make them more cooperative/compliant.

We all have made errors in the course of nursing work, tell me about an error you made and what you learned from it

Give me an example of a conflict you had with a coworker and what you did to help resolve the conflict.

You have a pt with a BP of 80/60 and a HR of 90, what do you think might be happening and what are some things you might do for this pt

The position is part-time on an Acute Aged Care ward and a casual pool position.

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They must preform interviews differently in Australia. I think in the US they assume you know the basics of the profession if you have passed your boards. However, I did have to take a medication math exam. In order to keep the job applicants had to score over 85%. It required a lot of knowledge of pharmacology. The main concern of employers in the US is experience and attitude. Don't sit in front of the individual interviewing you and dictate to them all your terms and conditions. Also ask the interviewer questions related to the position you are interested in. For example, What is the nurse to patient ratio? What are the expectations of nurses on your floor? Ask these questions if the employer ask you if you have any questions. It will make you seem interested not pushy and demanding.

We take a maths exam during our diplomas and degrees and we have to pass with 100% (in NSW at least) or we fail the course. To keep our jobs we have to go through orientation and be assessed on wound care, taking obs, giving injections, etc.

As far as the interview process goes, we always have a panel of 2 or 3 people.

Thank you for the suggestions though! I'm very nervous and quite shy so there's no chance of me coming across as demanding, haha.

Thank you :)

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