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Hey everyone! , so im pretty new to this site but I have been reading this site for a while now [usually about the NET]. So Ive been wanting to be a nurse ever since I was a little girl like everyone else im sure. As of now, Im in college for nursing but applied for St. Vincents because i heard it was more hands on and more of a family, which is great! I took the NET & now I have an interview coming up this week. Let me tell you, I am SOO nervous but Im great with people. Im not sure what to expect!? & If any one knows how many people get accepted after an interview. Thanks!! :heartbeat:


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Hi vanessa. Not sure what percent get accepted nationwide. I don't know wher YOUR St. Vincent's is located, as many major cities have one!!

When I interviewed, the school was accepting 40 out of about 75.

I can't really remember the interview questions, but am sure one of the was "Why do you want to be a nurse?" and my answer was "because, I decided when I was in 10th grade that I wanted to be a nurse and take care of sick babies. I have been a LPN for 7 years and now I need to make more money". I do remember the smile on their faces! I'm sure if you say the same as you did in your post about St Vincent's being "more hands on and more of a family" They will probably like that. :)



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Hi, thank you for your response! & yes i need the luck, ... ill deff. update you whether i got in or not but i hope so! lol thank again

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