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Interview Questions For NICU RN/NP

by Wichika Wichika (New) New Student

Hi! I'm Wichika Ly, an undergraduate student attending CSUS. I'm looking to interview a current or former NICU RN or NP for a class project on interested careers. I am interested in specializing in NICU and would love to get to know more about it first hand. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare a moment of your time and answer all eight questions I've listed below. Thank you!

1. Name/Title of Practitioner:          Telephone/email:

2. What are your responsibilities as a NICU nurse?

3. What education and work experience do you have?

4. What skills, behaviors, knowledge and/or attitudes are required to succeed in this career?

5. What is your analysis of career opportunities in NICU (future projections)?

6. Does this career work with diverse groups in our society? If so, how? If not, why not? (Remember, culture/diversity is not solely about ethnicity, but it is very broad to incorporate LGBT, special needs, socioeconomic differences, and more).

7. What are major concerns, challenges, issues/problems of the agency/industry?

8. Do you have any suggestions for courses or volunteer experiences in order to increase possibility of success in NICU?